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“I can’t overstate how valuable having a good emcee is to having a successful event. And Kristoffer Olson is a GREAT emcee.”

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Why Hire a Professional Event Emcee

Having a professional emcee elevates your event in the eyes of your guests and gives it the polished feeling you want them to remember.  A Master of Ceremonies helps ensure the program runs smoothly, that all necessary points are covered clearly, all sponsors are properly thanked, and that the event has a consistent energy throughout.

Your Event Emcee Needs More than Public Speaking Skills

While public speaking is one skill an event MC must have, there is a lot more happening behind the scenes.  When you hire Kristoffer as your Master of Ceremonies, you get a host for your event from start to finish.  This includes a pre-event meeting to go over the program, contingencies, and other requirements.  On the day of your event, he will be a liaison with the technical crew, facilities staff, catering, and your presenters to ensure a first-rate guest experience.

Host with Experience From 1,000+ Events

With Kristoffer as your emcee, you gain an event consultant.  In your pre-event meeting, he comes prepared with questions and considerations built from years of experience.  While setting up for your banquet or conference, his experience working with AV technicians and catering enables him to be efficient and productive.  And of course, during your program, he always has contingencies at the ready in case a speaker goes short or there is a delay in the schedule.


Is it Emcee, MC, or Master of Ceremonies?


As the organizer, you have a lot on your plate the day of the event.









Theatrical/Gala Shows


Good emcee = guests say ‘great event’ not ‘great emcee’



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