Hire a Professional Master of Ceremonies for Your Next Event

Kristoffer has a background in improv comedy and has been involved in over 1,000 banquets and events. He has served as master of ceremonies for gala shows, corporate events, and non-profit fundraisers.  He can be the face of your event so you are free to focus on last-minute logistics or spend time talking with guests.

Why Hire a Professional Emcee?

You want your next event to…

  • Have a professional polish
  • Flow smoothly during transitions
  • Provide an elegant guest experience
  • Make people laugh
  • Be more memorable
“I can’t overstate how valuable having a good emcee is to having a successful event.  And Kristoffer Olson a GREAT emcee.”  (see full quote below) Metro Transit

Minnesota Master of Ceremonies

A professional emcee must have the following skills…

  • Warm, engaging personality
  • Clear diction, pacing, eye-contact
  • Event experience
  • Improvisation
  • Calm under pressure
  • Ability to adapt to changing situations
  • Time management
  • Knowledge of audio/visual tech
  • Fast learner of your organization and industry
  • Humility – the emcee is the glue, and should not outshine the main event

Most importantly, a Master of Ceremonies should be ready and able to call upon proven material in case they need to stall, stretch time, or fill in.


These skills are rarely found in one person within your organization.  Celebrity emcees often lack many of these critical skills. Local sports figures or news anchors are often more interested in themselves than your cause or event.

Kristoffer has honed his emcee skills through years of event experience in Minnesota and the greater Midwest.  This gives you a built-in event consultant who knows what questions to ask you ahead of time and what to do in case an event doesn’t go as planned.  Contact him to take the risk out of your next event.  

Preparing for your event with Kristoffer as your Master of Ceremonies

When you hire Kristoffer as your Master of Ceremonies, the preparation process is what sets the stage for a successful event.  This process is unique to each event.  Some events are more scripted, and some involve a lot of improvisation, but the preparation process usually looks something like this:

  1. Initial Inquiry and Details
  2. Planning meeting
  3. Final Script/Content Review
  4. Pre-Event Check-in
  5. Your Event!

Because of Kristoffer’s experience with banquets and events, he acts as an event consultant as your event plan comes together.  This will help you ensure your guest experience is top-notch and that you have thought of any possible situations ahead of time.  Advice during your event preparation time can range from lighting or room set-up suggestions to timing and transitions.

Does Kristoffer perform magic as an Emcee or Master of Ceremonies?

He often uses a magic trick as an opener to capture attention, but usually not more than that.  The emcee’s role is to highlight the main event and not distract from it.  He can offer a packaged deal to combine emcee services with a comedy magic show at the end of your event or a few shorter performances throughout the night.  This can liven up your program or provide a mental break if the rest of your content requires a lot of focus from your guests.

Emcee?  M.C.?  Master of Ceremonies?  Event Host?  What’s the Difference?

There really isn’t a difference among these names, just different ways of saying the same thing.  Whatever the name, different professionals DO have different styles.

Kristoffer sees the role as much bigger than just your program.  He acts as your event host, the face of your event, from the moment your guests arrive.  He likes to greet people at the door when they arrive to help set the tone for your event.  Wherever applicable, he helps people find their nametags, their tables, know where the restrooms are located, and when to move from the happy hour to find their seats.  By the time your program starts, Kristoffer will have built a rapport with many of your guests already.  This allows him to capture their attention and enables smooth transitions throughout your event.

“We were looking for someone with a professional presence to keep the program on schedule – he did that and more. We had a snafu with the catering, so the food came out late…

Kristoffer handled the crowd like a pro, letting them know we would be starting a little late. When we finally got going, he was funny, but professional and kept everything moving beautifully. We still wrapped up on time, and nobody felt like it was rushed.

I can’t overstate how valuable having a good emcee is to having a successful event.  And Kristoffer Olson a GREAT emcee.”

Metro Transit

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