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Kristoffer typically performs a show that involves your guests both on-stage and from their seats. The audience interaction is a key ingredient to the show that will be a memorable experience full of recurring jokes and people who became characters in the show!

In this show, Kristoffer will shred a twenty dollar bill, later to find it in a factory-sealed bottle of water. He will also share with your audience his pet coathangers, which he breeds at home as a hobby, restore a crushed Coke can to its full, unopened state, and read audience members’ minds.

Kristoffer Olson is a professional. It is important to him that your event runs smoothly. Because he has been a part of hundreds of banquets and corporate events, Kristoffer knows how to make your job easier. His show is entirely self-contained, as he provides everything but an electrical outlet!

On top of providing a great performance for your guests to remember, Kristoffer uses his own sound system, tables, and everything he needs. There is nothing to worry about on your end. You are free to focus on your guests and enjoy yourself at the event you have been planning.

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